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These are the biggest shopping malls in South Africa - BusinessTech

South Africa has almost 2,000 shopping malls, covering over 24 million square metres of shopping space, making it one of the most mall-rich countries in the world. According to the latest data from commercial real estate group, CBRE, South Africa ranks ...

Weezer Cover Toto's “Rosanna,” Trolling Viral Campaign for “Africa” Cover - Pitchfork

Last year, somebody set up a Twitter account dedicated to urging Weezer to cover “Africa” by Toto. That person, determined by Noisey to be a 14-year-old named Mary, has today been foiled. This morning, Weezer shared a cover of Toto's less-popular ...
Live for Live Music

Hassaniya Arabic

Libya AL Gathafi Speaks

Speeches and statements in text, audio, video and live stream along with a bulletin board and data bases. [Arabic, English, ...

Category: Government - Qaddafi, Muammar

Location: Libya

Libya Al Gathafi Speaks

Al Gathafi Speaks

Official site of Muammar Gadafi offers his statements and analysis of hot issues with audio and video. [Arabic, English, French]

Category: Government - Qaddafi, Muammar

Location: Libya

Morocco Magharebia


A French, English, and Arabic news source covering the Maghreb.

Category: News and Media

Location: Morocco

Egypt Research &Amp; Development International (RDI)

Research & Development International (RDI)

Software house specializing in Arabic language-related, multimedia, and e-learning technologies. Includes company profile, and information about their projects and collaborations.

Ethiopia Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Ethiopia

News and information including policies, strategies and treaties, diplomatic services, national elections and expatriate affairs. Offers email newsletter. [Amheric, Arabic, ...

Category: Government

Location: Ethiopia

Tunisia Belle Rose

Belle Rose

Cosmetics' manufacture and perfume and hygiene products. [French/English/Arabic]

Category: Business and Economy - Services

Location: Tunisia

Tunisia IPA


Manufacturer and retailer of multilayer pipe. Company profile, areas of activity, product catalogue, installation guide and contact information. [English, French, ...

Category: Business and Economy - Services

Location: Tunisia

Tunisia Tunisie Cables

Manufacturer of domestic and industrial cables. Tunis Cedex. [French/English/Arabic]

Category: Business and Economy - Services

Location: Tunisia

Tunisia Tunis College Of Sciences And Techniques

Tunis College of Sciences and Techniques

Includes information on degree programs, research, industrial and educational partners, and contact information. [Arabic, English, French]

Category: Business and Economy - Services

Location: Tunisia

Tunisia Stivel


Specialized in the production of furnishing fabrics. [English, French, Arabic]

Category: Business and Economy - Industrial

Location: Tunisia

Morocco Morocco National Meteorology Direction

Provides information on its mission, plan, products and services. Includes weather forecasts by city. [Arabic, English, French]

Location: Morocco

Egypt Elias Modern Publishing House

Elias Modern Publishing House

Specialized in Arabic dictionaries and children books. Includes profile, links, and contact information.

Category: Business and Economy - Printing

Location: Egypt

Egypt MediaHouse


Producers of Arabic video, based in Egypt. Film productions for businesses and development in the Arab world, with special attention ...

Sudan Umma Party (UP)

Umma Party (UP)

Political party established in 1945, currently championing the cause of a negotiated just peace and democratic transformation, putting an end ...

Category: Society and Culture - Politics

Location: Sudan

Sudan Miami Group

Conglomerate includes pile and water drilling, construction, real estate, car and limo renting, agriculture and catering. Khartoum. [Arabic, English]

Category: Business and Economy

Location: Sudan

Morocco Maghreb Arabe Presse

Maghreb Arabe Presse

State run news agency for Morocco. [Arabic, English, French, Spanish]

Category: News and Media

Location: Morocco

Morocco American Language Center Of Marrakesh

American Language Center of Marrakesh

Teaches courses in English-language, Spanish, some Arabic and computers. Page includes information about the program, the facilities, and calendar schedule, ...

Category: Business and Economy - Services

Location: Morocco

Morocco United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Also accredited to Mauritania. Has basic information about Embassy services and activities, the relationship between Britain and Morocco, and about ...

Sudan Sudan Media Center

Sudan Media Center

Independent national news agency. [Arabic, English, French]

Category: News and Media

Location: Sudan

Sudan The Sudan External Information Council

The Sudan External Information Council

Reports published by the Government of Sudan, Ministry of Information and Communication. [Arabic, English and French]

Category: News and Media

Location: Sudan

Tunisia Microgravure


Personalization, texture and super-texture by engraving on all kinds of moulds. [Arabic/French/English]

Category: Business and Economy - Services

Location: Tunisia

Egypt St George Coptic Orthodox Church

St George Coptic Orthodox Church

A church in Alexandria presents background information on the Coptic church, its faith and history; also includes profiles of priests, ...

Category: Society and Culture - Religion

Location: Egypt

Egypt Kalimat Language And Cultural Centre

Kalimat Language and Cultural Centre

Offers courses in Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, and tailored courses in Arabic for special purposes. Information on courses ...

Category: Business and Economy - Services

Location: Egypt

Egypt Central Agency For Public Mobilization And Statistics (CAPMAS)

Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS)

Information about their services, structure and projects. [English/Arabic]

Category: Government

Location: Egypt

Sudan Ministry Of Finance And National Economy

Ministry of Finance and National Economy

Includes economic and budget information. [Arabic, English]

Category: Government

Location: Sudan

Tunisia Association Of Tunisian Journalists.

Includes annual reports and press releases.[English/French/Arabic]

Category: News and Media

Location: Tunisia

Egypt International Language Institute ( ILI )

International Language Institute ( ILI )

Established in April 1975. Information about Arabic as a Foreign Language courses, staffing and teacher training.

Category: Business and Economy - Services

Location: Egypt

Sudan Sudanese TV Channel

Sudanese TV Channel

Official Sudan TV Channel. [Arabic, English, French]

Category: News and Media

Location: Sudan

Algeria El Khabar

El Khabar

Arabic newspaper with translations of a few of the news reports. [Arabic, English, French]

Category: News and Media

Location: Algeria

Arab Bank For Economic Development In Africa (BADEA)

Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA)

Financial institution for strengthening economic, financial and technical cooperation between Arab and African countries, based on foundations of friendship and ...

Egypt Sawiris Foundation

Sawiris Foundation

Family foundation dedicated to social development in Egypt, focusing on projects geared towards job creation, entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities. [Arabic, ...

Tunisia Hotel Solymar

Description of hotel, fitness facilities, activities, rates, and contact. Soliman/Plage. [English/French/Arabic/German]

Category: Travel and Tourism - Lodging

Location: Tunisia

Libya Topacts Shipping Agency & Maritime Services

Topacts Shipping Agency & Maritime Services

Information on services offered for ships in Libyan and Romanian ports and oil terminals. Located in Misurata. [Arabic, English]

Egypt Al Diwan

Al Diwan

Offer courses in modern standard Arabic, Egyptian colloquial Arabic, Quranic recitation, literature, and calligraphy studies. Information about programs, downloads, image ...

Category: Education

Location: Egypt

Libya Majeri Law Office

Majeri Law Office

General practice firm offering services and legal advice in Arabic and English languages. Includes client list, brief profiles of the ...

Category: Business and Economy - Legal Services

Location: Libya

Egypt Sakhr

Company specialising in the use of the Arabic language in computing and communication. Includes company profile, products and services, demonstrations ...

Libya Libyan Constitutional Union

Libyan Constitutional Union

Documents, press releases, articles and the full text of the Constitution of 1951. [Arabic, English]

Category: Society and Culture - Politics

Location: Libya

Libya Canada - Ottawa

Canada - Ottawa

People's Bureau of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya in Ottawa, Canada. With forms for consular services. [Arabic, English, ...

Category: Government - Embassies and Consulates

Location: Libya

Libya Libya: News And Views

Libya: News and Views

News summaries from international sources. Archives by month go back to 1997. [Arabic, English]

Category: News and Media

Location: Libya

Morocco Ministry Of Tourism

Ministry of Tourism

News and information about visiting Morocco along with statistics, administration and professional training.[Arabic, English, French]

Category: Government

Location: Morocco

Tunisia FIPA-Tunisia Foreign Investment Promotion Agency

Official site provides news and information for investors with country overview, business sector profiles, investment opportunities, economic data and regions. ...

Morocco Arabic Language Institute In Fez (ALIF)

Private school offering courses in Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Moroccan Arabic.

Location: Morocco

Tunisia Gepros


Company specialized in the production of breakfast cereals. [French/English/Arabic]

Category: Business and Economy - Industrial

Location: Tunisia

Egypt The Egyptian Castle

The Egyptian Castle

Information on Egyptian culture. Features RealAudio and MIDI files of popular music, information about popular Egyptian movies, and live Arabic ...

Category: Society and Culture - Personal Pages

Location: Egypt

Egypt Egypt Yellow Pages

Search over 80,000 business listings in Cairo, Alexandria, Delta, Red Sea and the rest of Egypt. [English and Arabic]

Category: Business and Economy - Directories

Location: Egypt

Libya Libya Foreign Investment Board (LFIB)

Libya Foreign Investment Board (LFIB)

Official site provides help for investors, promotes investment opportunities, processes applications for foreign capital investments, issues required licenses and develops ...


Manufacturer of white cement. Feriana. [English/French/Arabic]

Category: Business and Economy - Industrial

Location: Tunisia

Tunisia Tunisia Skills

Provides information about technical cooperation, appointment experts and professionals, recruitment professionals, training foreign professionals, projects implementation and management. [English/Arabic/French]

Sudan The Republic Of Sudan Ministry Of Investment

The Republic of Sudan Ministry of Investment

Responsible for setting up advertising and publicity campaign for investment in Sudan. [Arabic, English]

Tunisia DéLices De Sfax

Délices de Sfax

Specialized in chocolate, sugar, chewing-gum and candy. [English/Arabic]